Superstars of WWE Seen On Extra Innings of IPL

Superstars of WWE Seen On Extra Innings of IPL

What’s the story:

WWE superstars the new day will be seen on the extra innings which are seen before the match.

These superstars will be present in India from 10TH to 12th may. The main motive of arrival to India is to promote the WWE in India.

Know about The new day:

The new day is the 2-times tag team champions. They grab the tag- team title for 483 days.

The new day team is of the trio and two superstars which are Kofi Kingston and Big E arrives at India.


The new day tag team champions will be at extra innings on 10th May at 7 PM during the preshow for the Gujarat Lions vs. Delhi Daredevils match.

Sports-Talkers take:

This will be quite interesting to watch this Duo on the extra innings. In the WWE, this team is well known for their unique style and attitude. It is interesting to take and give knowledge related to cricket and WWE. The overall show must be full of entertain.

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